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Closure Is Not Justice is a public art project drawing attention to the 1988 explosion that killed six Kansas City firefighters, and the public campaign to generate false testimony among residents in the Marlborough neighborhood, turning neighbor against neighbor, all for the sake of closure.

Through art, local history, counter-propaganda, and more, this project hopes to interrogate the Kansas City community's collective memory of this case, to consider the ways propaganda and media influence public opinion, and consider how public opinion in this case altered the outcome of the investigation.

This project will culminate in a public art exhibition at Vulpes Bastille (1737 Locust KCMO) September 1st through 24th. Stay tuned for more info and events connected to the Vulpes Batille exhibition.

Closure Is Not Justice is the recepient of a 2023 Rocket Grant from Charlotte Street Foundation and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

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