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Our Collective Memory

What do you remember about the night of the explosion?

If you lived in Kansas City in 1988, chances are you remember the news coverage of the explosion and the deaths of the six firefighters. And if you lived within a 20 mile radius of the crime scene, you probably woke up to the sound and rumbles of the blast.

Where were you that night? How old were you, and what do you remember of the explosion? What were your first thoughts when you woke so suddenly? What did you do? Who did you call or talk to?

We are gathering stories from the community in an effort to have an oral history of Kansas City. The investigators and prosecutors of the case said that Kansas City residents were collectively traumatized by this crime. By gathering individual stories and bringing them together in a way that they can be shared, perhaps we can explore a new layer of our community's demand for closure.

If you are willing to tell your story and add it to this oral history project, please leave a message on our phone line: 913-335-0TIP.

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